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Are You Awake?


If something in your life isn’t going the way you'd like it to and nothing you've tried seems to help, the answer is probably beyond your conscious awareness. 

Hypnotherapy shines a light into your unconscious mind, giving you the choice to let go of what's been holding you back.

You'll then be free to connect with all your resources to create the life you came here to live.


Are you trying to reach a goal but feeling stuck? Maybe you even feel like you're caught in a self-sabotage loop? If so, you’re probably coming up against an unconscious block. 

I use a combination of deep coaching, hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming to help you painlessly get past what’s been holding you back and create a life of joy and success on your terms.

Psychedelic Integration

Plant medicines such as psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and ayahuasca are showing great promise for improving mental health in clinical trials.  
While the slow process of licensing these medicines takes place, many people are choosing to heal with psychedelics in sacred private ceremonies.  
Your mindset (set) and the environment in which you take psychedelics (setting) are key to successful treatment.
I can help you safely prepare for and integrate your psychedelic journey so that it becomes a foundation for meaningful change in your life.

“Lucinda has made a huge difference to my well-being - I noticed the difference very quickly. She has helped me to break an unconscious behaviour pattern where stress/emotional upset led to physical pain, requiring regular treatment by an osteopath. I've gone from needing the osteopath once a week, to once every few months. I recommend her highly.”

Jo G.

“I am happy to report that I feel calm, balanced, centred and better "connected" to my SELF than I have been for many years. Up until meeting you, and having "rinsed" the NHS/ COMBAT STRESS of all the help available to me I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this would be as good as it gets for me and that I would just learn to live with the monkey on my back, (CPTSD) that has weighed me down and held me back for so long. Now though...I feel reborn and reset, ready to explore what I have left of this life. The spiritual self has re-awakened from its long nap and I am beginning to stretch and breath again. From where I was (in my mind) just a few weeks ago to where I am now is, nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your integrity, your courage and your love! I will be forever grateful."

Steve Knight


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