If something in your life isn’t working, and nothing you do seems to help, the answer is probably beyond your conscious awareness. 

Hypnotherapy shines a light on what’s going on in your unconscious mind, freeing you from past-based programming.

I can guide you towards waking up from the trances that hold you back, so you can enjoy full autonomy in every area of your life. 



 Are you trying to reach a goal or find a new direction but feeling stuck? Maybe you’re even caught in a self-sabotage loop? 

Join me for a deep coaching conversation to uncover what’s holding you back and reveal your path.


Psychedelic Integration

Plant medicines like psilocybin (magic mushrooms) are showing great promise in clinical trials for improving mental health.  While the slow process of licensing these medicines takes place, many people are choosing to heal with psychedelics in private sacred ceremonies.  I can help you safely prepare for and integrate your psychedelic journey so that it becomes a foundation for meaningful change in your life.


Why Work With Me

  • because I have over 17 years experience in coaching and hypnotherapy
  • because I too am a bright, creative, neurodivergent outlier who can understand you in way that conventional therapists can’t
  • because I’m an open-minded free spirit who is committed to humanity living joyfully, lovingly and free from unnecessary suffering on a healthy, beautiful planet

over 17 Years Experience

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