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Neurodivergent and Gifted Coaching

Why we grow up thinking there’s something wrong with us

If you suspect that you’re neurodivergent, there’s a strong chance your development has been affected by a lack of mirroring in the world around you.  We all need other people to reflect and validate our inner experience and way of being. When we lack this mirroring, we internalise the feeling that something’s wrong with us, and can even feel like aliens from another planet.

What Do You Mean by Neurodivergence?

Your neurodivergence might be classed as a diagnosable condition, such as autism or ADHD, or it could be something less widely talked about, like the cognitive differences that giftedness brings.  Perhaps, like me, you’re neurodivergent in multiple ways. The more of an outlier you are – for instance, if you’re gifted  and neurodivergent in one or more other ways (sometimes known as twice or multi-exceptionality) – the less likely it is that you received this mirroring.

Why We Don’t Get Mirroring From Our Neurodivergent Families

Even if you grew up in a neurodivergent family, you probably weren’t raised to express your authentic nature but instead to mask it, because this is what your caregivers were taught to do. Only now is society beginning to value neuro-difference – perhaps even to recognise that our future as a species depends on our out-of-the-box ideas.

Inner Experience Versus Outward Appearance

It’s likely that your bright mind compensated for and masked your differences, so that outwardly you may have gone through phases of outwardly seeming together and successful. But your internal experience may be very different.  You may be filled with imposter syndrome, be burned out from the effort of continuously masking, feel like you missed getting the instruction manual for life, or wonder why you’re the one who has to do all the inner work when others seem to sail through life.

You’re Not Too Much, Too Sensitive, or an Overthinker

This lack of mirroring means it can take us longer to discover who we are and what we’re capable of compared with people whose inner experience is reflected all around them.  The good news is, it’s never too late to receive this mirroring. The value of having someone see us for who we truly are is immense. Someone who understands our lived experience, who validates our way of being in the world. Who doesn’t label us as too much or too sensitive, an overthinker, or just plain weird, but who recognises that the way we react and behave is a legitimate expression of our internal experience.

You Probably Don’t Need Years of Therapy

As neurodivergent children – often raised by undiagnosed neurodivergent parents –  our threshold for childhood trauma was lower than average. We are orchids, not dandelions. The positive flip side of this is that when we  finally do receive the validation and mirroring every human needs to thrive, our bright, neurodivergent minds rewire themselves quickly.  Our empathy and creativity combine with our powerful life force to update the neural pathways that used to be associated with problem patterns and masking, stimulating new network connections that generate fulfilment and authentic self-expression.

Most of us don’t need years of therapy. Once we receive this mirroring, we tend to be pretty good at figuring out what we need. And as our authentic selves start to feel safe to come out, we shine a light that attracts kindred spirits, so that gradually our outer world becomes a beautiful reflection of who we are inside, creating a positive feedback loop. Our relationships and experiences mirror back to us our inner truth. We start to mask less, freeing up energy to create lives that are an even more accurate expression of our true values.

What’s Involved In Neurodivergent & Giftedness Coaching?

Neurodivergent and Giftedness Discovery and Integration sessions help begin this process. You will feel seen and understood in all your intensity, complexity, sensitivity and quirkiness. Together we create a space of psychological safety for your full, authentic self to come out. This often involves inner child healing work and guiding of conflicting inner parts back into alignment. Most people find this useful even if they’ve done trauma work before: we never step in the same river twice. The witnessing and wisdom you’re able to give your inner child depends on who you are at any stage of life. As the unmasking process continues, your authentic strengths are uncovered and become available to assist with this growthful, healing process even more.

The integration process is tailored entirely to your needs and is different for everyone. At each step we tune into your core values to create a future that you find inspiring. I’ll help you remove blocks that used to stand in the way of that future and offer tools that allow you to optimistically move towards the fully authentic and self-expressed you.


Neurodivergent / Giftedness Discovery Session (90 mins) £140 (GBP)


Neurodivergent/ Giftedness  Integration Programme (4 x 75-90 mins) £550 (GBP)

Concessions: If my fees are inaccessible for you, please get in touch anyway. I reserve time each week to work with people on lower incomes.